If you want to talk about extended breastfeeding being “wrong” and shame women for nursing their children, consider for a moment that if you drink cow’s or goat’s milk you are a full grown adult literally drinking the breastmilk of another species.

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  • studentmotherlife:

    1. Intact penises are easier to care for. You simply leave them alone. There is no need to retract the foreskin—in fact this can be harmful and painful to the baby. It if happens to get dirty, you just wipe it like you would a finger. When the boy is older and his foreskin does naturally retract, keeping it clean is as simple as showering. After a circumcision, however, you have the daunting task of caring for an open wound inside a diaper.
    2. If you leave your son intact, he will look like everyone else. According to the New York Times, only 32% of infant boys in the US today are being circumcised. When you look at it worldwide the numbers are even lower. Circumcision rates are under 10% in Canada, Mexico, England, France, Australia, Italy, Ireland, Russia, Japan, China, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Hungary, Greece, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, New Zealand and many other countries.
    3. Being left intact, you son has more penis. I don’t know many men who wish they had less penis at the end of the day and despite a common belief it is not just a “flap of skin.” The foreskin is a large double sided tube of skin, nerves, blood vessels, and muscle compromising 80% or more of the penile skin covering—at least 25% of the flacid penis length. It also contains a whopping 20,000 nerve endings—more than the female clitoris.
    4. The foreskin provides a protective function. The head of the penis is not skin, but a mucous membrane much like the inside of the mouth. When exposed to constant friction and abrasion from clothing and to harsh drying from air it loses sensitivity because the glans develop a layer of protective tissue to make up for the lack of foreskin. Also, between the foreskin and glans an antiviral, antibacterial substance called smegma accumulates. But when the foreskin is removed, smegma and its immunoprotective properties are lost.
    5. The foreskin provides a sexual function. The double-sided sheath of skin enables the penis to slip in and out of the vagina non abrasively, making female partners of men with intact penises much less likely to require lubricant and more likely to achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse.
    6. By leaving him intact, you are sparing your baby boy from a whole lot of pain. Let’s face it, circumcision hurts. It’s difficult to properly anesthetize a baby, not to mention control their pain during recovery. Circumcision Resource Center has compiled research from over a dozen studies that confirm the extreme pain of circumcision.
    7. By leaving him intact, you are sparing your baby from the risk of complications. Complications from circumcision happen every day and include infections, incomplete or unattractive circumcisions, bleeding and in rare cases, death.
    8. You are saving a lot of money. Chances are your health insurance may not cover the procedure since it is cosmetic. Medicaid does not cover non-therapeutic infant circumcision it in 17 states, including Washington and Idaho (view a map). If your insurance doesn’t cover circumcision, it probably also does not cover any complications from the procedure.
    9. Babies with intact penises are more likely to breastfeed successfully. Breastfeeding can be hard enough and the pain and healing process from a circumcision just adds one more hurdle to jump.
    10. You are leaving an important and extremely personal decision up to the person it will effect the most—your son. While less then 1% of men ever “need” to be circumcised, your son could always choose to be circumcised later if he wished. Foreskin restoration exists but it’s a much more complicated procedure.


    Society often sets low expectations for young mothers believing that they’ll amount to little to nothing because, with a child, their dreams will be unattainable.

    The irony of that belief is that, without a child, I never would have found the inspiration to strive for my dreams in the first place.




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